Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Penguin Counted Cross Stitch Free Pattern

Here's a little penguin, hanging out on a patch of ice, for you to enjoy stitching. It's a quick to stitch project because there are limited colors and fairly large areas of each color, making it quicker to stitch up.

I had the idea of trying to come up with a counted cross stitch design that had a penguin in it so I started drawing freehand in my chart-making program and then kept editing and changing it until I was fairly satisfied with the result, enough to leave it alone at this stage and put it on my blog for you to see and use. This is the result; I hope you will enjoy it:

To Print Out a Full Size of the Chart: Click on the thumbnail size penquin chart above to go to a page showing the chart as a larger image for you to print out.

Use your own choices for the colors of floss that you want to use to stitch the design. I didn't assign DMC or other brands of floss colors to this chart but the colors are so basic that you can just use whatever colors you have on hand. You could easily substitute a different color for the scarf and hat, if you wanted to, and a different shade of blue for the ice or leave the bottom section all white to be snow, instead of ice, if you would like that look better. Have fun!

Copyright (c) 2010 by Sandi Marshall

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

100 Embroidery Floss Skeins

Wondering where to find great choices for buying embroidery floss online? Here's a resource for floss from a reputable online shop:

100 Anchor Embroidery Cross Stitch Threads Floss/skeins

When you're looking to add a wide range of colors to your embroidery floss supplies, the set shown above contains lots of blues, greens, reds, orange, pink, yellow, greys, purple etc. ... a great way to quickly increase the color choices that you have on hand. Anchor brand floss is high quality.

100 Skeins of Art Silk Rayon Hand EmbroideryThreads - Assorted Colors

This is high quality silk rayon, 100 skeins, with 10 skeins of each color (in different tones of that color). Perfect for hand embroidery or cross stitch.

100 Skeins of Silky Variegated Hand Embroidery Floss Threads - Assorted Colors

This is high quality silk rayon in a variegated assortment. 100 skeins, with 10 skeins of each color (in different variegated tones of that color).

Other Choices - DMC:
If you are looking for DMC brand floss colors, in smaller assortments, those choices can be browsed here