Saturday, November 1, 2008

Floral Heart Free Cross Stitch Chart

I created this design from my own imagination. I started with a heart in the center, then made flowers around the heart until I was satisfied with the way it looked. I hope you will enjoy it.

Below the chart, there is a color key, with colors for several embroidery floss brands. Because these colors are quite basic, you can easily substitute different shades of the colors to use what you have on hand. As an example, in my stitched sample, I substituted a shade of red for the very dark dusty rose. You can easily change the colors to suit yourself.

If you click on the chart, you will go to a page with the full-size chart image. Please note my copyright and terms of use below, before printing out the chart.

The following photo shows how the design looks with only two of the colors completed:

This is a copyrighted pattern, created by Sandi Marshall, October 2008. You can help me to be able to continue designing new patterns by honoring copyright law regarding my patterns. In other words, do not put (which is republishing) my chart or images on another web page, blog or elsewhere. Do not distribute any form of reproduced copies of this pattern, even for free. Instead, you may give others the URL for this page so that they may come to this site for themselves. I appreciate that very much.

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crossstitcher said...

This pattern is lovely, Sandi! I am putting it on my must stitch list.