Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vineyard Heart Free Cross Stitch Chart - Grapes and Leaves in a Heart Shape

I created this heart design to have a grapes and leaves vineyard theme.

This is an original design, created by Sandi Marshall, copyright 2008 by Sandi Marshall. Per copyright law, do not put this chart or my image of the design on another web site, blog page or elsewhere and do not distribute by reproduced copy, in any form. For more info on copyright law, see www.copyright.gov

For an example of this chart worked in cross stitch on aida cloth, see here.


ladybugg111 said...

This is really unique! I love it & look forward to using it.
Lisa C.

Sandi Marshall said...

Thank you, Lisa! Feedback like yours keeps me going, gives me incentive to want to design some more. So, thank you!