Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fancy Egg - Diamond Geometric - Free Chart for Cross Stitch and Needlecrafts

I started by charting a basic outline of an egg shape then added to it from my own imagination to create a design within the egg.

I really enjoyed making this one up, so I'm thinking about creating a series of egg designs, if there seems to be an interest in it.

Although we often think of decorated eggs at Easter, these can be for display during any time of year.

If you make something using my Diamond Geometric Egg design (in cross stitch or in any other craft medium), I'd love to hear about it. There's a handy comments section below.

If you post a photo somewhere on the Internet showing what you made using my design, it would be great if you would give the link to your photo page when you write your comment here. Please consider placing a link to my free chart on your page where you show the photo of the item that you made using my chart, so others can know where to find the chart too. Thanks! I appreciate it. ~ Sandi

If you think you would like this design in a different color scheme, you could adapt the chart symbols to represent shades of a different color than shown on the chart. Here I've shown two possible alternate color schemes that could be used, one in shades of purple and pink and one in shades of blue, where you would substitute colors that you have on hand.


BiFemPagan said...

Hi, Ms. Marshall. I found your patterns on, and I was wondering if you would allow me to print them and share them with a group that I belong to at the Seattle, Washington VA Hospital. We meet every other week in the Women's Trauma and Recovery clinic, we all have PTSD for one reason or another from our time in the military, and we use our crocheting and knitting as a form of therapy. We are making squares that we sew into afghans for other women who are in the trauma clinic who are undergoing treatment for cancer. We do not sell the blankets, we gift them to these other women. They are for women vets BY women vets, and we are always looking for new and interesting patterns for squares. We have brand new beginners, and women who have been knitting and crocheting since they were very young. We have ladies who were in Korea and Vietnam, to me, a Desert Storm/Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom vet.

Thank you for your time.

DiAnna Southard

Claudia said...

Hi, Sandi!
I´m a Brazilian crafter and I crocheted a gorgeous scarf of yours from "crochet.about": ( I loved it so much that I´d like to know if I can post its translation (to Portuguese)in my blog to allow other crafters to crochet it too. My works (and blog) are just for personal use and of course I´d link the post to the original work (as I always do), giving you all the credits.
Best regards,
Claudia (my e-mail address: