Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cherished Hearts Cross Stitch Kit

In looking for some heart theme projects, I came across this cross stitch kit in the Daydreams (TM) line. It's a small project that looks like it would stitch up quickly and would be a pretty decoration for your home decor. It could also be a great gift for a friend (given either as the kit to crafty friends or family members who would enjoy doing the stitching for themselves or complete the kit yourself to give someone the finished decoration).
Cherished Hearts Counted Cross Stitch Kit
A little bit about the Daydreams (TM) line: It includes needlecrafts that also use other art finishings in the project, such as sponge painting or wire art. The designs of these completed projects are sophisticated and they are fun to create.
Supplies are included to complete each kit's project. Read more
Image above used with permission of online Joann Store and

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